Fourteen participants was basically excluded from the analytic shot data while they advertised opportunity consumption considered to be outliers

Epi Facts™ software, adaptation step three.5.4 (2008), was utilized to help you processes the details about 3-go out eating ideas. Meals composition database used with that it device consists of 1,655 facts from the pursuing the source: 1,307 dishes throughout the You Agency out-of Farming, postorder indier brudar 80 foods in the restaurants structure tables of your Institute of Nutrition for Main America and you may Panama (INCAP), 254 food out of pattern commonly consumed Costa Rica, and you may thirteen dishes regarding the Costa Rican compulsory fortification food class.

In the slimming down consumption studies, outliers can be the result of misreporting otherwise programming problems, or they might echo direct self-report out-of low-normative restaurants use. Outliers may not be user of the population’s regular intake distribution and can introduce biases and you can negatively impact mathematical data and you may inferences. I made use of sex-particular unweighted full times intake in the first percentile or significantly more than new 99th percentile as thresholds to have outliers, given that necessary by the Dyer ainsi que al. (59). This means that, 804 members remained about latest analysis.

Suggest intake is actually adjusted to own total energy intake by using the residuals strategy within the a beneficial regression design towards the diet while the oriented adjustable and effort just like the independent adjustable (60). No matter if the nutrient residuals displayed normality otherwise close normality whenever plotted, some withdrawals was indeed skewed. This type of studies didn’t adhere even more directly towards typical shipment from the diary sales, therefore we made a decision to maybe not journal transform the knowledge. To select the differences when considering the general qualities of the analytic test data, Chi square was utilized for categorical parameters and you may Student’s t-sample to own continued parameters.

Relationship ranging from daily nutrient intake away from people and you will TCRAD ratings was calculated. Mathematical benefit is actually computed regarding Spearman’s Score Order relationship. Opportunity adjusted median philosophy regarding diet plan quality score elements was compared along side about three TCRAD results. Pairwise numerous review study is actually presented and you may statistical value try computed in the standardized Wilcoxon figure. SAS variation 9.cuatro (SAS Institute) was utilized for everybody analyses. Most of the testing was in fact 2-tailed additionally the statistical relevance peak is actually put as 0.05.


Average consumption of your energy-modified 14 areas of the newest TCRAD rating over the CRHEI categories try shown into the Table dos. For everybody half a dozen suit areas (beans, vegetables, fresh fruit, veggie oil, milk products, and tortilla), energy-adjusted median consumption were rather all the way down to own teenagers that have reduced TCRAD rating versus teenagers having moderate otherwise large TCRAD rating. With the eight below average components (yellow meat, solid oils, candy, sweet drinks, food, fast foods, and you will bread application), energy-adjusted median consumption was in fact rather straight down to own teenagers with high TCRAD score vs. reduced antique score. But not, if you’re considered a fast food and you may inversely obtained, median consumption off white grain is significantly higher within the teenage with higher TCRAD score versus. low traditional score.

Table dos. Average (min-max) of your time-adjusted areas intakes of one’s overall and also by types of the fresh new Antique Costa Rican Adolescents Eating plan (TCRAD) get (letter = 804) step one .

To spot products associated with TCRAD score, i looked at contacts involving the ratings and you will sex, years, SES, college or university sort of (public/private), and you can home-based area (rural/urban) using a low-parametric ANOVA shot (Kruskal Wallis)

Full, the brand new TCRAD get is actually somewhat coordinated with all checked nutrients but overall times, glucose, cholesterol, and you may calcium supplements (Table 3). Total pounds, mono-, poly-, and you can saturated fats was in fact inversely and you can weakly correlated for the TCRAD get. Fibre, folate, magnesium, and you will potassium displayed modest confident correlation to the TCRAD score.

Table step three. Everyday overall times and you can nutrient consumption regarding professionals and you may correlation that have the standard Costa Rican Teenagers Diet plan get good .

Dietary intakes of TCRAD score components by adolescents’ sociodemographic. characteristics are presented in Table 4. Mean energy-adjusted TCRAD score was higher in girls than in boys (7.5 vs. 7.0, p = 0.0004), lower in adolescents classified as high SES compared to those classified as medium and low SES (6.9 vs. 7.2 vs. 7.3, p < 0.05),>